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Released by Motorola in November 2004, this stand-alone cable modem allows the user to connect to the internet using ethernet or USB. It features a front panel of indicator LED lights and a standby button on the top of the device.

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My device won't turn on!

Hi! I recently got a new modem from Motorola. I've plugged it in and tried to use it but the LED lights do not light up. I can't tell if the modem is doing anything. Help!

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Make sure device is plugged into an electrical outlet, and make sure modem is fully connected to a working power source. The device may be in standby mode in which the power light will not turn on. Press the standby button in this situation to end standby mode. If these options do not work a faulty motherboard may be the issue.

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Mine has no standby button. Maybe. Newer model. Worked fine until I moved now it won't power on. Bought a new one and it won't turn on either outlet works for other devices including 16 volt.


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I don't have an anwser I have a question my moterola surfbord sb6121 won't turn on I everything has power but it won't turn on

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