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The MiP robot was released in August 2014. MiP is an interactive robot toy designed for kids. The robot responds using hand sensory technology, as well as a downloadable app that allows MiP to drive, dance and play games.

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How do I restart my MiP Robot?

My MiP Robot is not responding properly to my hand gestures or to the downloadable app. What is the first thing I should do to fix this problem?

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Hi Moira,

Simply restarting your MiP robot is the best solution to this issue. Although it may not necessarily fix the problem, it is best to start with a solution this simple so you can weed out what could be causing the problem. Lucky for you, we have a troubleshooting page addressing this! Feel free to check it and any other pages that you may need!

Bets of luck,


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Where is the troubleshooting page smart aleck


Here is the link to the troubleshooting page

WowWee MiP Robot Troubleshooting


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