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LED Backlight in my MacBook Pro?

How can I find out, whether the Display in my MBP is using LED Backlight?

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Every MacBook Pro has a pristine LED-backlit display with wide-angle viewing and a color gamut usually seen only on a desktop display.


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What mayer doesnt know is that no not every one has led. the best way i can think of is to check how it reacts when you turn the brightness up and down led gets super bright and has noticeable abrupt lighting increments where as the non led has a steady gradual increase and decrease. if your backlight is already out then your best bet would be to remove the back housing and look to see if your display connector is on the bottom (led) or top (non led) also all high res displays for 2008 and newer(1920x1200) were led and as far as i know most if not all low res displays are non led. hope this helps

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