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Help Identify These 2 Parts

Hi guys,

I did a screen replacement on a friend's iPhone 4S, and there are 2 small parts left over for which I cannot figure out where they belong.


It can't connect to any mobile or wireless network, so that probably has something to do with it but so far I can't spot any such parts in the instructions here.

Замена дисплея iPhone 4S

It's kinda urgent - I need to return it on Monday. Please help.

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The black one (left) goes at the top screw of the battery connector. This piece goes under the battery connector tab, then the top battery screw goes though both. The gold peice (right), goes above the the main camera at the top of the iPhone. It goes on top of the logic board at the left top screw of the logic board. Logic board, then piece with prongs behind (above camera) then the screw goes through it. Then the black tape is applied.

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Hi Brad, thanks alot for your help. I managed to put back the battery connector bit, but still can't figure out the logic board part. Is there a photo around showing this part's installation or could I trouble you to add some arrows to photos please? iFixit is really lacking in the "beware-of-tiny-bits-falling-out" department.






The order from top to bottom is screw, part, logic board. If you still have the black tape, that goes on top of the screw.



shows the orientation of the part to the camera bay, but it goes on top of the logic board at this location. The photo is missing the logic board, which should be under the part here. But it shows how the part should be. Logic board, part on top of logic board, then the screw. Then the black tape.


Fantastic crystal clear explanation, Brad. +1 Thank you. However, I'm still not able to get a cell signal, iPhone just keeps saying "searching". Looks like the 2 parts didn't have anything to do with reception. Is this part of a bigger problem and should I start a new question on it or is there something simple that I might have missed putting it back together?


Make sure antenna cap on black wire near battery connector is correctly attached. Set time on iPhone correctly. Reset, hold both home and power buttons for about 10 seoconds until iPhone restarts itself. Reset network settings.


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