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camera on phone stop working afther five pictures

took some picture and then it stop working

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Try pulling out the battery and putting it back in. If you cant do that, try a hard reset. You can find out how to do hard resets for your device by searching it in Google. Not sure what type of device you have so a little more information would be helpful.

Hope this helps.


Hey Idkkknae, if pulling the battery or a hard reset didn't help, the next step to quickly resolve the issue if it is software related is a "factory data reset". This can be found in your devices settings under accounts or personal depending on your current OS. Just make sure all your important information like contacts and pictures are backed up.

If that still doesn't solve your issue, that means this is a hardware related issue and needs to be diagnosed by a technician. It may be something as simple as a camera replacement.

Check out this guide to see a rear camera repair guide.

Let us know your results, good luck mate!


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thank you josh for answering my question and I`m sorry for not saying what type of phone it is . it is a Samsung Galaxy S III S3 and its like I said. I took 5 pictures of my daughters parade, and the camera stop working .and it said camera fail every time I turn on the camera and will not work.


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