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Repair and troubleshooting help for the Memo Pad ME172V, a 2013 tablet manufactured by Asus.

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stuck no usb cable connected

help...my memopad me172v stuck "no usb cable connected" i try all trick ..but not working....

1.sd card 4gb (fat32-cleandata.zip)



please help

screen shot - connect my computer

unplug my computer

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Before doing a factory reset open the tablet and disconnect the battery for a few minutes and while the batteries disconnected hold the power button down to remove any static discharge in the memory. If theres no joy after that then do the reset but remember you will lose all your data and apps . this reset you to factorey like it was when you first got it. This video shows how to open the back and disconnect the battery .you dont need to remove the battery just disconnect it.


Hope this helps

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you need to reset it .. HARD RESET or just continue to root you tablet

you need to download some root kits (find it on google) and turn on you tablet like Volume Up + Power button

and follow the instructions

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Thank you ujojedobry, great advice. worked for me!


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My Asus tablet stuck on no USB connected how to fix it

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