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Apple's 2012 first-generation 7.9-inch iPad mini, with 16, 32, or 64 GB of storage and an A5 processor.

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Glass replacement and no speaker sound

I did my first A1432 glass only replacement and i was dumb enough to remove the kapton tape.

The home button is not working properly, but what really concerns me is the that the sound isnt working even after hard reset.

So, no sound through external speakers, but i AM getting sound through headphones only.

Before i open this thing up and put the Kapton tape back on,i would like to know any reason why the external speakers might not be working as well..

Some have said that this wouldnt have anything to do with the not having Kapton tape on,but they do not know for sure

any ideas?

the below images show what i believe to be the speaker issue

Block Image

Block Image

Block Image

Hello Are these the screws you are speaking of? I prey to god this is what you mean!

Block Image

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After i replaced speakers i dont have any sound i even made sure the screws were on And tight


yes! thank you. i had a screw missing.


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You will lose your speaker sound if you've removed the two large screws on either side of the dock connector/charge port. Put them back.

The "area of concern" is unrelated--that's your WiFi antenna. Leave it alone, it should be fine. Test wifi before your final seal.

Your non-functioning home button--this is probably a poor solder joint at the home flex. You'll need a new digitizer or you may be able to reflow those solder joints DIY to get a good joint. This is usually just a digitizer defect. However, it is possible to lose home button function by knocking a key resistor near the digitizer connector or damage to the digitizer connector itself.

best of luck!


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Jessa, i hope youre still here... are these the screws???????

look above, i have added another picture at the end


Yup--get those suckers back in there.


This is a bit late in the day for this reply, but I replaced the charging port/flex on a Mini 2 and when I replaced the board, no sound from speakers. Headphones all OK.

So the issue I had is that when you insert the port into the housing, you need to ensure the wide lugs on the port (that carry the sound circuit) go under the top speaker contact. The speaker has two lugs coming out of the speaker that connect to the lugs on the charging port. You need to ensure that the charging port lugs fit between these two speaker lugs.

Just letting you know from my own mistakes!!


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i have the same problem but even with screws in right place i have no sound from speaker.

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