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Expandable Business Speakerphone with Caller ID. Manufactured by RCA in 2010.

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Why is it not dialing the numbers that I press?

When I try to dial “4”, it dials a different number instead.

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Check to make sure that debris such as dust, food, or skin particles are completely removed from the keypad. Debris could easily wedge in between the keys and cause problems to occur. A small brush or needle is recommended to clean and remove loose particles. After removal, test the number pad again by dialing a phone number. If the problem is still present, a common reason as to why this would occur is due to a broken keypad. The keypad should be properly replaced. View the RCA Visys 25424RE1 manual for keypad specifications, in order to replace it. If the problem still persists, you may have a motherboard problem, in which, a motherboard replacement is recommended. For information on the motherboard specifications, in order to replace it, visit RCA Visys 25424RE1 manual. Further information can be found on the device’s troubleshooting page.

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