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Background and Identification

The RCA-ViSYS 25424RE1 is an expandable business speakerphone that was released in 2010. The phone is equipped with various features that makes it well suitable for business purposes, such as speed dialing, 3-party call conferencing, and a 4-line expandable corded system. Another great feature of this phone is that it can be expanded to 16 base stations if needed. Additionally, hands-free dialogue allows users to accept or make calls directly from the dial-in speakerphone base without the use of a handset.

The digital display screen on the base lets you see the date and time, and view caller ID in three different languages: English, Spanish, and French. The caller ID service on this phone is distinguished from other similar models because it can store up to 99 names and numbers for convenience purposes. All of these features make for an easy accessible speakerphone that can provide efficient communication in a business environment. The manufacturer offers a 2-year limited warranty for any technical issues.


Follow RCA ViSYS 25424RE1 Troubleshooting guide to troubleshoot recurrent issues.

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