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iPhone battery cycle counts

What happens with battery cycel counts after replacing the battery? Does it reset the cycles itself after installation a naew battery?

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The cycle counts is the amount of times the battery has gone from 0% to 100%

So yes, changing the battery will reset the cycle count if it's a new battery, as the cycle count is associated with that battery. :)

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Is there a method to find out what the count may be on a device ?


There certainly is, you can get a program on PC or Mac called ibackupbot, this allows you to check battery cycle without jail breaking etc. :)


What about coconut battery?


Yes, coconut battery is also a good application you can use. :-)


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When the iPhone Says Battery Cycle Count is 1 and The Battery is good but actually it drains fast after replace the battery thats because the new battery is a Chinese battery and its Chip is programed to only set

cycle count from 0 to 1 after first use and it will say wrong design capacity like for example

iPhone 6

Design Capacity = 1795 mAh

Current Max Capacity = 1875 mAh

and actually iPhone 6 Battery Design Capacity is 1810 mAh

so the Diagnostics tool will say the battery is good according to this Informations

(1875/1795)*100 = 105%~ Battery Life

this is a way to spot a fake battery by diagnostics.

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Nothing is "reset". The cycle count is a piece of diagnostic data acheived by analysing the battery's reported data. A replacement battery is not going to "reset" the count to zero. The diagnostic tool is going to report the cycle count of the new replacement battery.

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I bought a new battery for an iPhone. Cycle count at the start: 1.

After weeks of using/ reloading it is still 1.

Diagnostic tool says the battery capacity is ok, but it drains in a few hours. I've reloaded the battery dozens of times now, and still the cycle count is 1. The tool also indicates that the battery is in a constant state of discharge (1,9 watt)

The supplier told me these are original Apple batteries that are 'reconditioned'. They send me a new one, with the exact same problem.

Do you have an idea what's wrong with these batteries?

Is there any tool to 'reset' the battery, so it will do a normal charge-full-discharge cycle and count them aswell?


Hi William , did you found a solution to your cycle count 1 problem, pls do let me know my iPhone 5 also does same cycle count 1 always .


Nope! But i have seen several replacement batteries with the same problem. Seems the battery management software is not set correctly by the manufacturers/ reconditioners. I have another one here.. must have been reloaded for dozens of times, but still reports 1 load cycle .


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