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Features a replaceable 2,000 mAh battery. Released in May 2014.

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How to repair mobile which is switching on and off frequently?

I have Lenovo S860 2gb model with non removable back cover and battery. How do I reset/recover/restore it?

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what dose it mean when your lenovo phone says lenovo louncher has stop?


please i need help o,my lenovo application has stopered o,how do i fix it o


how to repair AG mobile which is switching on and off frequently


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1.Just leave for sometime, it will get re-started automatically with lenovo boot logo.

2. try pushing power button 5-6 times, do not push more.

3. for recovery, push power button and volume button up & down together for 5 secs and u will recovery screen.

4.Back cover can be removed from bottom , top of speaker and body fusings, donot exert force.

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I have a Lenovo Phab 2. My phone was switching on and off. I had never updated the software since I'd bought it. I deleted recently installed apps and I updated the software. It started working fine. How this helps.

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For me also same problem...automatically it was switched off and on...


I could not solve problem by any of the methods.


Tiered solving the problem


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