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Repair information and guides for the 2015 Retina MacBook Air. Model A1534

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In recent MacBook is impossible to replace the hard disk?

Hello everyone, a friend told me that in the new MacBook the Hard Disk and RAM are not replaceable and if they were, I would break definitely guarantee. It's all true? How is it possible?

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go find out on the Apple-website, it saids it has onboard SSD so no, you can't replace it... For that you're better of buying yourself a MacBook Pro if you want the ability to replace it's SSD...


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You are correct! Both the RAM & SSD drive are soldered to the logic board.

Keep in mind here this is intended to be the entry model for everyday users not the Pro's!

Review Apple's site for the full breakdown of what the new MacBook is all about.

I expect Apple will intro newer MacBook Pro's which will still offer upgradable storage (at least 3rd party). But the question is with internet connectivity available almost everywhere, does one always need deep onboard storage?

I'll admit I still want to carry what I need with in the one package (my files), and our company needs still dictate we do so. But, there will be a point where we too will need to bend to what the PC makers think is a portable laptop system. Apple is not alone pushing in this direction. As much as I don't like it either.

Update (04/09/2015)

In the newer laptop systems the memory is ALWAYS soldered (welded) to the logic board. The MacBook Pro series has removable custom SSD drives that are designed for the given system (there are a few different units). Only some of the iMacs have soldered in memory. The newer systems have custom Apple SSD's. Again, different models use different SSD units. I should point out getting to the SSD is very difficult in the newer 'Thin Series' iMacs.

Update: The new 2016/2017 13" & 15" MacBook Pro Touch Bar models now have their SSD soldered to the logic board! Only the 13" Function Keys model have a removable SSD.

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Thank you for your response. I did not understand a thing. In the MacBook Pro and iMac the SSD IS NOT welded? Can I have a safe source of your statements? Thank You


As to were to find out which has what: You can review the IFIXIT guides & tear downs so you can see for your self for all of the MacBook Pro & iMac systems that are currently available. Below in Tom's answer I posted a link to the only available review right now on the new MacBook where it is stated.


And here is the IFIXIT teardown: Retina Macbook 2015 Teardown. To see the SSD chips jump to Step 12 and to see the RAM review Step 13.


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Wait until the teardown comes out.

I wouldn't bet on it. For RAM it has already been impossible for years, for SSD, no idea yet.

Update: not possible, this is a everything-on-one-piece logic board.

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What about desodering tools, thinking of when it's off warranty and admittedly living dangerously

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Unless you can get the custom chips I think you're just wasting your money.

Besides, the rework station needed are not cheap! It would cost more than just getting a new system.


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