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Released on October 23, 2012. Core i5 or Core i7 Processor. Apple Fusion Drive.

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Damaged IR cable

Had the same problem ... except the leads just pulled out of the "connector" to the logic board

This also happened with the connector to the "fan" ... was able to get a new fan with the connector which I was then able to re-connect the fan to the logic board

The SSD which I installed went out couple days back ..

Removed and have been using for two days, in an external USB 3.0 with no problems

Putting together just now .. dropped one of the small screws used to connect the "wifi cover"

When pulling the logic board back ... the leads "pulled" out of the connector on the logic board

The "connector" to the logic board in both the cases of the "fan" and the "sensor connector" had become "brittle" and stuck together .. would not separate and caused a failure in both cases

Now I looking for a new "sensor cable" in able to correct this problem

Any help would be appreciated

Will be removing the remaining parts of the mac mini .. the logic board is out

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Here's the IFIXIT guide: Mac Mini Late 2012 IR Sensor Replacement. The Apple P/N: 992-9558 or 923-0251 IR board w/cable.

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This was INCREDIBLY helpful! I tore my cable while installing a second SSD, and thought I might have to take my computer in to the Apple Store. Thanks to you I have ordered the part and am waiting to install it. Meanwhile, everything seems to be working just fine, except that I don't have a power light. Could you possibly tell us what this cable does? Do we even need it? Or perhaps I should say, why do we need it?


While trying to add a 2nd drive to my 2012 mini I pulled the socket for the IR Sensor cable off of the motherboard. I didn't repair it because I don't care about the ability to use IR with this machine, but I did notice that a side effect was the power light no longer seems to work. So I'm guessing that the IR Sensor assembly also controls the power light.


@paul - They share the same cable connection and are both mounted on the same board.


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