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A Memorex Mi3X Minimove boom box that plays both FM radio and music from an Apple device. It was released to the public in 2008 under the model #Mi3x.

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Power cord replacement needed

The power cord to my daughter's player is broken. It's always been touchy/positional. The tip is so small, can't seem to find a replacement. Got any suggestions on where to order?



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All I want to do is order a new power supply for this Memorex. Where can I get a new one?


Go to the product web site for the exact size. Sounds like you have the wrong size which is why it's "touchy". There are a lot of different sizes, the right size fits snugly. i.e. http://electronics.stackexchange.com/que...


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Need to know the barrel size and voltage to find one. They are easy to get once you know that.

Update (05/01/2016)

Or Google


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