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What is a normal thermostat size?

what temp range is normal for coffee makers, I have a capresso 454 with a defective 36tmh01 thermostat

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thank you for a quick response


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retiree0105, the thermostat you inquired about is manufactured by Therm-O-Disc.

Series: 36T

Model: 36TMH01

Normally closed, opens at 221 degrees F (105 degrees C). More information can be found on here.

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where is this thermostat? I see a lower range one on the heating element 154F/30C but I think that is warming only. My model 465 therm only has heat for brewing cycle as it has an insulated carafe and cannot take warming heat but I want to adapt to 464 specs and use a glass carafe. I think the only difference is the 465 has a heat shield above element (2nd plate with 2mm air gap) to block direct heating of base and possible disabling of 2hr post brew warm timer voltage to 30C thermostat.


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