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Samsung Gravity TXT (SGH-T379), as offered by T-Mobile. First introduced in 2007, this easy-to-navigate phone was widely adored due to its simplicity. Repairs to this device can be made using everyday tools.

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How to fix my phone speaker/ringer?

My cell phone fell into swimming pool and it was working when I got it out. I found out after a while that the ringer is not working when one of my friends kept telling me that he was calling and I did not answer. However, there is no sound coming out from the phone. I've been putting it under the sunlight to dry it but it still not working. Is there any possible way to make the ringer work again?

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Whenever I drop my phone, or any other device for that matter, a weird trick to try is to place the device into a bag of white rice, like that instant-ready rice, and leave it for a day or so. The rice will draw in moisture from the phone. It's an odd trick, but it works! If it doesn't then you may want to replace the speaker component in the phone.

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Once again water and electronics do not mix. This could be a wide range of issues causing this problem. If your phone does power on and you just can't hear anything, then I would try replacing the speaker. Seethis troubleshooting guide for details.

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