Can I change my hard disk memory to a larger GB?

My tiny laptop got a tiny memory space, can I change it to larger GB? *HP Stream 14

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No it's not,

Unsure why you are telling him false information.

The hard drive is soldered EMMC flash based hard drive and is not upgradeable... However though, there is a guide using your existing WIFI Lan Port to get a bigger SSD inside this laptop and upgrade available here: HP Stream 13 Disassembly for Upgrading the PCIe mini SSD

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Yes it's possible to upgrade the hard disk, here is the device specifications and here is the maintenance and service guide for your device. All you need to do is find a compatible hd or ssd and follow the maintenance guide in how to access your hard disk.

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Everyone here is talking about the Stream 13. The question is categorized under Stream 14.

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