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The Lenovo G570 is a 15-inch laptop announced in January 2011.

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Why is my screen black?

So i was on my laptop and I turned him off.The next day when I turned him on the screen was black,like it is on and i loged in but after that my screen was black and only thing i can see is my mouse moving......help

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Sounds like it is not loading your system files. What OS are you using?


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Did you try to reboot him if that doesn't work try removing the battery and then unplugging it then hold down the power button for 60 seconds then put your battery back in and plug him in and start him up . Hope this helps

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hold a flash light to the screen wile on if you can see it then but only ware the light is the back light is bad or ballest for the light is bad. also try the function key to set it on a ex monitor it may be on that setting now.

hope this helps.

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