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Password locked, LCD missing?

Hello iFixit!

I'm having a problem with an iPad mini. A friend asked me to replace her screen, there were complications, yada yada yada so now I need to sync the iPad to put the data on a new iPad. However it won't let me, because I need to enter the passcode on the iPad. Problem is, the entire LCD and digitizer are missing. My friend knows her passcode and apple ID, is there a way I can back up the data without having to buy a new LCD/digitizer?

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No without passcode and you must have problem if frst time conect to iTunes need confirm to trust this computer, but if frend have Apple ID all app instaled from Appstore have only enter Apple ID and pass on new with coonect on net and install from AppStore, data annd settings are lost if not previously mada back-up to iCloud?,,,try sighn in iCloud and if have backup no problem, new sync not possible without new screen and only remains synchronize with the older back-up if there on his computer

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