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Repair and disassembly guides for the Compaq Presario CQ40.

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caps lock and scroll lock blinking

why my laotop blinking caps lock and scroll lock and not booting?

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I own the same problem, and you all steps in addition to cleaning the processor fan and did not succeed


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This could be a ram problem try removing ram one dimm at a time and trying it 1 at a time in each dimm slot. there could be one bad stick of mem or one bad dimm slot so by trying each dim stick in each slot you can eliminate the possibilitys. A static discharge is also an option . Unplug the machine and pull the battery then hold down the power button for a full 60 seconds then release and do it again then put the battery back in plug in the laptop and try to reboot. If these dont help try connecting to another monitor to see if its a video screen problem. after that whats left is probably a GPU problem.

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Thanks Jim , it is most likely GPU problem


Monster if its your GPU you can try reflowing the solder on the motherboard by stripping it down to just the motherboard. remove everything you can from the board and put it in an oven at 450 for about 10 minutes. you need to be certain that its completely level and once you've done the 10 minutes let it cool completely before moving it . I've had a lot of success doing this however its not 100% all the time but if you haven't got an alternative go for it.


Thank you again, but I noticed that the light Nmlok and CapsLock blinks continuously, I did not find it in the list of malfunctions, found that disrupted the GPU 4 blinks only, I do not know if my observation reports, and an excuse for taking your time....


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put off ram, wifi card, battery bios, battery laptop

press and hold power , 30 second,

assembly ram , and try power on normally

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Replace mother board. Its because of burnt Components.

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