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The following information is intended to help service the Nerf N-Strike Elite Strongarm . The Strongarm was released in 2013 by Hasbro under their Nerf brand.

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Why does my Nerf Strongarm shoot with reduced range?

The Strongarm hisses when I load the spring piston, and doesn't shoot as far as it used to.

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try and sort out the seal with either glue or grease


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The spring piston air chamber in your blaster may be broken causing air to exit the chamber when firing. This can drastically reduce the maximum firing range of your device by making the stored energy much less effective. It might help to look over the "Spring piston chamber leaking air" section in the Nerf N-Strike Elite Strongarm troubleshooting guide. Good luck!

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if you see the tiny hole on the side of the plunger tube fill it with PVA glue or hot glue and wait for that to dry then pull out the plunger and remove the rubber ring on the plunger and where the used to be wrap it in gorilla tape or bike rim tape then put the rubber ring back on but before you put the plunger back into the plunger tube get a healthy amount of grease and smear it inside the tube.

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