The Dell Venue 7 is a 7" HD Android tablet. It was released October 2013.

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Why is my Dell venue 7 cannot place a call

I am having a problem from my new Dell venue 7. When I insert my sim card I cannot place a call and it says no sim card or no network connection.

But her wifi and all applications are working good.

But when I insert my sim card to my mobile it was working properly.

How can I repair it?

Is there any other solution in this problem?

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Try the following

Connecting to the Internet using mobile broadband

1.Tap →Settings→Wireless & networks→Wi-Fi, then touch Wi-Fi to disable it.


The tablet automatically searches for the carrier signal and connects to the network.

When the tablet is connected to a mobile broadband network, the network type appears

in the status bar.


On the LTE/HSPA+ models, if both Wi-Fi and mobile broadband networks are

available, the tablet gives priority to Wi-Fi connection.


If the tablet cannot automatically searches for the carrier signal,

tap →Settings→Wireless & networks→More→Mobile networks→Data enabled to enable it''

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Hi thanks for your fixit reply but when I checked her mobile network data it was enabled, I turned it on and off but still I could not place a call, I tried another sim card that works on my I phone but same no network signal even I turned off WiFi.

Is there any other solution in my Dell case?



Are you inserting the sim card in correctly check the user manual to verify.

Do you have the option in Settings -- Wireless and Networks----More---Mobile Networks --- Network Operators---Search Networks--? If so see if you can locate your internet provider.

Cannot understand your post saying you cannot call - do you want to make a phone call or connect to the internet? Dell Venue 7 is not a phone it is a tablet. You need a sim card for a mobile broadband connection if you want to get the internet. Not a mobile phone plan sim card. Even though they look the same. Go to mobile broadband internet providers to get a correct sim.


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I have a similar problem. I ve searched for received SMS in the SIM number ( like confirmation codes), but it is not possible, but the SMS messages when I recharge the card. I ve understood that is not possible to make calls on Dell Venue 7. Is there a way or app to enable/manage the SMS messages to the SIM number?


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Where your keypad solve it

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Where your dell venue 7 hspa+ keypad


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