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Released in September 2012, the Le Pan S has a 9.7” screen and is identified by the model number TC978.

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Why is the audio on my Le Pan S not working properly?

When I try watching videos on my Le Pan S tablet, I am not able to hear any audio out of my device. I checked the volume, and it is turned up. I also tried using headphones instead of my external speakers, and still hear no audio.

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I can only hear my tablet by using ear buds . Could I have deleteted something I should not have?


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Since you have already verified that you have checked your volume and different forms of speakers, your issue is most likely due to out-of-date software. This can cause your device to have audio issues. If this still does not fix the issue, it could be the rare case of both your internal speakers and audio jacks being broken. This can be caused by playing loud audio constantly. Please see a troubleshooting page located at Le Pan S Troubleshooting for help with replacing these components.

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