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The eMachines ET1831-05 is a budget desktop system produced by eMachines.

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How to use sd card

How to use sd card

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Insert your SDCard into the Multi In Digital Card reader located on the front panel of the PC.

The PC should give message that new device has been detected and is installing drivers so that you can use it.

Once installation is complete (this happens only the first time you insert the card - after that it will just advise that it is connected) a window should open asking you what you want to do.

From now on you can treat it like any other type of portable storage device e.g. usb flash drive etc. You can use Windows explorer to transfer files to and from the SD Card, delete files, add files etc. It will shows as a removable drive.

Be sure that you "Safely remove" the SD card in Windows before you physically remove the card from the card reader.

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