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The Sony Vaio Pro 13 (SVP132A1CL) is an ultrabook released by Sony in mid-2013

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How to upgrade SSD and RAM

Hi guys, using this Pro with an i7,256,8gb setup. Would like to throw in another 8gb of ram and 512GB SSD. Do you know any resources where I can learn to do this for this model?

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According to the specs, you cannot increase the ram size. The maximum size is 8Gb.

Here is a link to show you where the SSD position is. The maximum capacity is 512Gb.

also in this link in the comments section there is a reference link on where to get a 512Gb SSD.


This link shows how to gain access to the SSD


Here is the link to his blog post, showing pictures and performance data. Also comment about how it might be easier to upgrade by inserting a 128Gb SD Card.


Hope this is of some help.

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why 512 GB is the limit ? can we put 1 TB or more into ?

Thanks. Mine is a SVP1321C5E


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My model is the SVP132A1CX working all right with a 980GB m.2 sata ssd and I have just finished backing up to change it for a 2TB m.2 sata. Btw, 2TB is the limit MBR recognizes. I will carry on researching on bios mod to enable nvme ssd which is about 4x faster.

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friend what was the model you bought of ssd I have the same model could you pass me this information please


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