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The second generation of the iPad with Wi-Fi, GSM and CDMA models. Some models were refreshed before the iPad 3. Repair is difficult and requires heat and prying. Released on March 11th, 2011. Model numbers: A1395, A1396, and A1397.

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Screen goes off when the back is tapped

I have an ipad2 wifi, works fine except if you tap it in certain places the screen goes off and you have to press the lock button to wake it up again.

no visible damage on the chassis but asking the owner (he's asked me to fix it) says it goes off if you tap near the ribbon cable area (left hand side bottom half) mostly.

i suspect a faulty ribbon cable to lcd but also think it could be a faulty lock button shorting?

any ideas?



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I would probably say the same thing; those LCD cables seem to want to fall off to no end.

Not sure if you've ruled this out already, but it's good to cover all bases: It might be the auto-lock feature. If you can consistently replicate the problem though, with auto-lock off, I'd just remove the digitizer and reconnect the LCD cables.

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