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The Satellite C660 is a series of laptops released by Toshiba around 2010. They have 15.6-inch screens and a variety of Intel processors.

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Why does this thing have to happened with my pc?


My problem is when i did the clean install with windows that is what happened

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Andrei Fuentes, your link requires permission to access.....


@oldturkey03 ill give you a new link sorry bout that. Click here: https://drive.google.com/file/d/0BxTQKTz...


what is the problem you are referring to? you didn't give any info just a mirrored recording of a boot up. are you talking about where is said "installing windows"?

i have had a issue with my laptop and trying to fix it restored my computer and basically reset it to factory with alot of data missing. some folders were saved.



It looks like you have a mirror reversed screen. Can you get into BIOS and see if the screen is the same i.e. mirror reversed or normal? If it is normal what OS did you install? If it was Win10 have you tried the recovery options? Since it was a clean install have you tried to do reinstall it again.


@jayeff this is a screen recording


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Andrei Fuentes if your trying to install a clean copy of windows 10 this is a common problem it goes so far and craps out ,I get around this by installing windows 7 first and doing the update it seems to work better. Im hoping for a better install copy down the road but the one I got from windows store is flawed. it works fine to update a windows 7 or 8 copy but on a clean install I've never been able to get a compete install it always stalls somewhere between 40 to 90% never the same place. but Ive done a lot of installs now by first loading windows 7 or 8 or 8.1 then doing the update . Dont forget to do an advanced disc clean after the install to remove all the unnecessary repeated files . will clean up several gigs of space. Hope this helps

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