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Repair information for printers made by Canon.

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Break down after new printer head shift PIXMA MG 5150 message B200

BoughtNov 2012 in France

Seller says printer head break down after only one copy!!! and too expensive to replace and cannot be repaired

Not sure about the letter B in B200

Doubt sellers advise as he seems to live on sales only ....

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Was the head purchased new or used? B200 is a printhead error due to it being clogged or overheated. It sounds like the head has an issue the seller didn't test thoroughly before listing the part. See here for more details on the error. Anyway, you may still be able to salvage the printhead, but it's probably not going to recover and likely will have the same issue.

Refer to this guide for the cleaning instructions, not the HP steps; same steps apply to your Canon how I cleared this HP head. If the issue remains with this printhead, it's dead. BUT DO NOT DISCLOSE YOU TRIED TO CLEAN IT.

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