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Third generation Surface Pro tablet, released June 20, 2014.

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Why am I unable to open turnitin.

I was gifted my pro 3 to help with my uni degree. However we have to submit our papers via turnitin which I am able to do no problem. However after being marked I am unable to see my grade marks and the comments placed on my paper. It's quite easy to do on other lower spec laptops so why not my surface pro 3.

Many thanks Sarah

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As I do not know where you are connecting to, hopefully this will be of some help.


There is also this note on the page which might be relevant:

Your comments/feedback and mark are available in the Turnitin document view after the Post Date has passed and if your course uses GradeMark.

It may also be that there may be a problem with Win10 and Turnitin see info in this link.


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It will not let me click on the link to open it up. My phone I can open the link but then I cannot read the comments. It's very frustrating. The link above says it doesn't work with windows 10. Am I able to have windows 9 or below as well as 10???


Hi Sarah,

Couple of things I've found which "might " help. This is off the Turnitin website "Touchscreen input is not currently supported in Turnitin, particularly within the Document Viewer. We hope to extend support for touchscreen inputs and the Microsoft Edge browser in the near future."

Given this, maybe this is why your phone doesn't work - because of the touchscreen inputs.

As for your Surface Pro 3, what browser are you using to access Turnitin? The above says that the Microsoft Edge browser is not supported but hopefully you should have Internet Explorer 11 installed. I don't know Win10 that well but I think that if you go to Start - Show all apps or something like that it should be listed there, usually alphabetically. Open IE11 and try it and see if it works, or if you have Firefox or Chrome installed try them.


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