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The Kia Forte is a compact car produced by Kia Motors since mid-2008.

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Kia Forte with suspension noise on bumpy road

Please listen to below youtube video I took this morning. It feels like the noise is coming from the front wheel on driver side, but not sure. The noise is there only on bumpy road. Can anyone help?


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Sounds like a sway bar link is broke. Look at the small rods that connect the strut to the sway bar

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I just got back from the shop, both sway bar link replaced but the noise is still there.

The Mechanic also suspected sway bar link like you did but I guess that's not it. Thank you for the comment though.


have them check the lower ball joints and the rear motor mounts , the car is really to new for them to be worn yet but I would look there next


question: I have loud clunky sounds. Sears insisted I have a problem with inner tie-rod (right side) but dealership insists it is front swaybar link (left side). how the heck can I be sure which is correct?




front swaybar link is likely the problem odds are if you look you will actually see that its disconnected . The inner tie rod would cause tire were and you would notice the car feeling a little wondersome. usually not a lot of sound involved with an inner tie rod


thank you, front left swaybar was the problem! all fixed now and drives great. I guess I will only use Sears for very basic maintenance/tires.


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Brake rattle! I had a metallic clicking sound over bumps. Dont over think it, take a good look at your brakes. Grease slide pins, replace worn abutment clips, make sure your brake pads have a snug fit but move freely. Use disc brake quiet. It was driving me nuts but not anymore!

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