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The ASUS Transformer TF101 tablet was released in April 2011 and discontinued shortly thereafter. The tablet features a 10.1 inch screen, two USB ports and two audio ports.

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Not charging works great plugged in

Lost charger ordered a new one...while it's plugged in it works great...I can do all functions but it isn't charging the battery and in the battery icon there is an exclamation point/ symbol... the charger fits the port but in the user manual the diagram looks to be two parts... did I order the wrong charger or is the battery shot or charging port ?

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According to the specifications for your tablet the charger specs are as follows :

Input AC 100-240V. Output DC 15V 1.2A (1200mA).

These values should be printed on the adapter. If you have less than 1.2A written, then the charger cannot run the tablet and maintain the battery at the same time.

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Like jayeff has mentioned you may want to check the ratings of your new charger. But I am going to bet it's more an issue with the battery. Some devices will run off a charger even with the battery removed from the device. Since you are only able to use it while it is plugged into a charger I would assume the battery is the issue. Especially since you mentioned that an exclamation point appears in the battery icon. The exclamation point signals that there is an issue with the battery. Either the battery, the battery cable, or the batteries connection to the logic board. If any of these are faulty it will usually cause the exclamation point to appear in the battery icon. I would double check the battery's connection to the logic board and try reseating the battery connection on the logic board. If this does not help then replace the battery. This should fix the issue. Best of luck.

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