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A 16 GB Android tablet with a 7.9 inch display manufactured in 2014 by Xiaomi.

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How to replace screen?

I dropped my mi pad and it cracked forming a web a over the screen. I been trying to find how to replace the screen of the mi pad or whether there are places that can fix my device but nope. Please do help...

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Found mi max.



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There are plenty of You Tube videos on how to replace the screen. Here is just one link. As you can see it really just depends on your Xiaomi model. Also is it the screen that is cracked or the 'glass' in front of it (called a digitizer)? If the screen still displays then it is probably only the digitizer that needs to be replaced. The screen replacement videos on You Tube will also show the digitizer being removed, because usually to get to the screen you have to also remove the digitizer or alternatively once the screen is removed the digitizer becomes accessible.


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there isn't a single video in relation to this model


it's been a few years since I asked this question. Ultimately I found a replacement screen on aliexpress.com. There however wasn't any tutorial on it.


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