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This Apple Cinema Display is characterized by the M8149 model number and was first released in July 2000

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pink or red screen fix

I have two 20" apple cinema displays and one of them started giving a pink/red tint to the screen image. I was wondering if this is a common problem with a solution that I can repair myself. Any advice would be greatly appreciated! Thanks.

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Check the number please, is this a A1081?


The number a1038 is the correct numer on my display. It is an older model with the clear acrylic body. It is not the model a1081.


The same is happening to my 22" Cinema Display ( 2000 ). Except it happens intermittently. And the change between normal and orange seemed to be always after the screen was moved.


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Reddish color on any monitor/display is a faulty LCD.

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