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HP's G72 laptop has a high-definition 17.3" diagonal display, a stylish design and decent specifications. It also makes a decent budget desktop replacement

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No bootable device found

This is the second time this problem has occurred, the first time iit happened i changed the harddrive but the problem has appeared again!

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Hi,What is the model number of your HP?


Its hp g72.....


In bios harddrive is not detected.... I tried another its working fine.....



The question to ask yourself is , why are the HDDs failing so soon, especially if the 2nd one was new.


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I would consider also changing the hard drive cable with the drive: HP G72 Hard Drive Replacement

What is happening to the drives and do they work in an external enclosure or universal adapter?

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Its being detected as an external but u cant see any files in it... Can only see 2partions


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