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0.622kg (1.4 lb) tablet with a 10.8 inch display and 3 position kickstand released by Microsoft on May 5, 2015. Model number: 1645.

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Can you access/remove the hard drive?

The Surface is stuck between Windows 8 and 10 so needs factory reset running, but there is data on it which needs recovering first.

Can you take out the hard drive (SSD) to recover the data, then put it back in and reset?

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It can be done but is very difficult and would not recommend doing it . Heres a teardown guild that may come in handy


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Thanks for the teardown, but that is for a Surface Pro 3. I'm dealing with a standard Surface 3.

I have already been through the arduous task of removing/destroying the screen, so just need to identify the component that is the hard drive but I'm struggling to find out which bit it is.


sorry I didn't notice the fact it was only a surface when you mentioned taking out the ssd I thought immediately it was a pro . You can remove the ssd from a pro not so much a surface as the ssd in a surface is actually a eMMC ,similar to a tablet, which is soldered to the motherboard and cannot be removed. Your best bet is to follow Oswald Pan 's instruction and get a bootable jump drive with say ubuntu or some other linux distribution and remove your info that way


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It is very difficult to disassemble the Surface without damaging the screen in the process. I suggest you boot off a USB key (with Linux) and transfer your files off to an external hard drive.

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