Ipad 3 Processor Chip Overheating


I really do have an issue here. I have an ipad 3rd gen with 3g built in but I go to use the ipad and it will be very hot in the bottom left corner after a couple minutes which eventually left the ipad to not boot up and had to restore overtime. The restore fixes it but again the ipad gets hot so I ended up investigating more why it was becoming so hot.

I took the ipad apart and sourced out where the heat is coming from, and removed one of the shield plates giving access to the processor A5X chip.

After a couple minutes of gameplay, the chip is very hot and you cannot touch it. This seems to be the only place where its getting really hot. I did notice there was a thermal pad on it which had bubbles on it and so did the chip so I am not sure if its water damage or what but I really want to know what I can do to fix it because it obviously isn't normal to behave like that.

Any help would be appreciated.

  • Also the ipad will start to freeze up when it gets super hot and apps sometimes will crash and won't open again even after restarting.
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Can u charge stone dead iPad, when battery reach 0% can u wake it up with charger?


yes it will turn back on after charging but then it will boot loop causing me to restore again.


then sorry my friend I dont know what is. :(


it sounds to me it's a faulty A5X chip or water damaged but I really am unsure..


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