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Known as the ''PS2'', it is a sixth-generation video game console first released by Sony in Japan in March 2000. The United States saw it later in 2000 with the SCPH-30000. Repair of this device requires only common tools, but can get tricky.

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PS2 Reads CDs but not DVDs?

My PS2 reads CDs fine, but produces a disc read error when trying to read a DVD. All CDs work fine (PS1 games, audio CDs, and some PS2 games released on CD), however all DVDs (DVD videos, and PS2 games released on DVD) produce a disk read error. Is there anything I can do to fix this? Thanks if you can help!

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I have heard of this solution before and I tried it but there's a chance the lens is "too old" and it might need to be changed.

If ifixit.com can post the guide to that, it would help?

ps. When my problem comes up, before the "Disc Read Error" message shows up, I usually hear the disc spinning followed by some dull click-click-click sound a few times repeating. Is that similar to your situation?


Yes, before getting any error there is a clicking coming from the DVD drive. The disc is definitely spinning while this is happening too. Hopefully there is a fix that doesn't require a replacement lens...


It's the lens. The lasers get worn/degrade over the years and fail. Luckily there are replacement ones and It's easy as pie to replace(No soldering). You do need the FreeMcBoot program and PS2lenschanger to reflash the EEPROM. Make sure the replacement is the same version (KHS-400A,B or C) as the one that failed. If you need a Video, check out Long Island Gaming on YT. He has a great video on replacing the laser.


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Just follow this guide here on iFixit and this should fix your problem. PlayStation 2 Optical Disc Drive Lens Cleaning

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I followed this guide and it half-fixed my problem - the console now reads DVD discs to an extent, but it still has issues. A DVD video I tried to play was really stuttery and a game I tried in it came up with the PlayStation 2 logo but then froze on a black screen. Sometimes the console will change to a red version of the main menu screen and ask me to insert a PlayStation or PlayStation 2 disc.

Thanks for the guide though, at least it has helped me make some progress :)


+ better answer today than yesterday ;-)


Mine has some weird issues, it can read the blue discs but not the dvd rom ones. Weird right?


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You could also try to adjust the potentiometers that set the current strength flowing thru the lens coils. If you make the resistance of the potentiometer 5-10% lower than what it currently is it will probably be more than enough to read your DVD discs. You have to take apart the PS2 then unscrew the 4 screws on top of the disc drive (fat models only). Take heed of ejecting the tray before unscrewing the 4 top screws off of the drive. Then take the rails out (the laser head rests on them) and turn the laser head over. You will see 2 small pots in there. Maybe they have a cd / dvd text written near them or maybe not - the thing is one of them adjusts the current for reading cd discs the other is for dvd discs. If you want to make sure all is good then measure their current values with a multimeter and take note of it. Then subtract 5% first from both of them, adjust, measure and put everything all together. I think the screw needs to be turned anti-clockwise to lower the value. It should work; but if it does not then repeat and subtract an other 5%. You should not lower the value by more than 15-20% as that would almost immediately kill the laser very .

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I just bought a PS2 Fat console with this same problem for repair, and like somebody else commented: adjust the resistance of the potentiometers by just a little bit, it should work fine with dvds. Since the laser works fine with CDs, then obviously just adjust the DVD screw. It’s on the bottom of the laser assembly, it should be labeled DVD and CD under 2 screws which are used to adjust it. All you need is a Philips head screwdriver. If you want to be accurate with how you’re adjusting it, get a voltmeter and change it to the ohms setting. Sony sets it to 1100 by default, but you can make it lower to help the laser read the dvd better. Don’t go under 800 ohms though, or it could damage the lens permanently. Hopefully this helps, this is what fixed mine when I started tinkering. It’s obviously not the lens that needs to be cleaned if it can read CDs and not DVDs (since some of these people who answered obviously didn’t read your question thoroughly).

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I had this problem with Playstation 2 Slim. Your advice to clean the optical disk drive lens worked great. One note: on the slim the cleaning is easy as you do not have to take it apart. On the PS2 Slim they switched from a DVD tray drive to a flip top DVD drive. So all I had to do was press the button to open it, reach in with an alcohol moistened Q-tip (not too wet) and give it a few wipes, let it dry and it started reading DVDs again.

Thanks much!

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