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How do I replace the headphone jack?

I have a iBook G4 12" 1.33 GHz. I broke the headphone jack (headphones were plugged in and the laptop fell on the jack!)and need help to replace it. Is it just a jack or do I need to replace the whole card. Thank you.

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Unfortunately, it's built into the logic board. If just the tip of the jack broke off, you may be able to get that out. A small spot solder also might be in order. Can you send us a picture of the damage?

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Thanks for the reply I appreciate it. I'll try to get a picture. The tip looks twisted but i/m not sure what's going inside. I've been using an mbox plugged into the usb port to have my headphones work. But i'd like to free up that usb port and find a cheap way to hook it up to my audio reciever through the 3mm jack. i'll work on the pic.


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