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Alcatel's first smartphone built for the Straight Talk network, identified by model number A851L. Released in October 2013.

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Water damage on touchscreen

Dropped it in water got it out as soon as it fell in took back and battery off let it dry it will come on but screen is black what can I do

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my phone drop in the water the creem black but in sunlight u see a little what happen

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Place the damaged phone in a bucket or cup of rice. It depends if your phone fits in a cup or not. Then, wait 24 hours and your phone SHOULD be fixed. If not, go on youtube or a repair store (where you got your phone from or where ever) and let them fix it. (IF it is fixable) It might cost some money but your phone will probably be fixed! If it's not, you might need another one or find a better store. I hope this helped!

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