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Released in 2007, the Dell Inspiron 1521 series laptop was available in eight different colors.

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How do you turn mic on and off

in Skype I can see people but they can not hear me. how do I turn on the mic?

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Gone through the steps below but my Apply button is not active. I have Use this Device (enable) but does not work


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Try the following.

In Windows go to Control Panel > Sound > Recording.

Select the laptop microphone as the default, click on 'properties' box, in the general tab - device usage, select use this device (enable) click Apply.

When you use Skype, select preferences, then audio / video, then select the laptop microphone as the audio input device that you wish to use.


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i don't see audio video or laptop microphone listed in the control panel. my control panel only says sounds and hardware.


I've been searching online for tens of hours to solve my mic problem, and I finally solved it! Thank you soooooo much for this post. It was perfect I can't believe that solved the problem YAYAYAY


Please, how did you solve it?


"Apply" is taying grey so i can't press on it


Thank you so much, It is working Please try it.


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Hi @burke020,

What control panel are you looking at?

To get to Win 10 Control Panel, type Control panel in the search box on the left side of the desktop screen and then click on the Control panel app link that appears.

Just verifying that when you click on Control panel > Sound that it appears similar to the image below. The audio controller info will most probably be different and no line input options etc but it should have a microphone listed.

If not check in Device Manager > Sound, video and game controllers and ensure that the sound controller is installed properly. No red cross or yellow exclamation mark shown beside it.

Block Image

(click on image to enlarge for better viewing)

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Wuju! finally, gracias!


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Hi @paddie

Try uninstalling the sound controller and then restart the laptop and let Windows "find" it and reinstall it again and then check if the mic can be turned on or is turned on etc

If Win 10 is the OS, right click on the Windows Start button on the left side of the Taskbar and click on Device Manager

In Device Manager scroll down to Sound, video and game controllers and click on the > symbol to the left to expand the list

Then right clink on the sound controller entry and click on Uninstall device and follow the prompts.

After it has been uninstalled, restart the laptop in the normal manner and when Windows has finished booting etc check the microphone settings as described above.

What is the model number of the laptop?

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