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No Picture -- Just a Red Blinking Light

My 10-year-old 40" Sony Bravia has no picture but the standby light is blinking 3 times. It was repaired a few months ago by replacing the motherboard.

Now it's happening again. Is it worth repairing or should we just chalk it up to planned obsolescence and replace the TV?

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@auntiemoses since you did not give us the exact model number, we can only give you a generic Sony Bravia error code. 3 Blinking lights is usually caused by a bad main logic or power board. You would have to check for the standby voltage and see if those are okay. If they are then your error is most likely related to the main logic board. It could be as simple as a couple of bad caps on the board. If you tell us the exact model number we can probably get more information for you.

"Is it worth repairing " depends on your skills. To replace any board is usually only a fraction of the cost for a new TV, so I'd say go for it. Unplug your set, remove the back and post some images of what your boards look like with your question. For that, use this guide

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10 years is a good life span

to answer you question

it all depends on repair cost

weather you can afford to replace

The way i personally look at it is if the repair will cost more than 30-40% of a new tv then replace

so for example

a new standard 40 inch tv in the uk is around £200

so if the repair costs anywhere from £60-80 replace tv

or repair cost of £40 i would repair

but seen as this has happened to you once already i would suggest a replacement

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