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How to repair the PowerBook3,3 cover latch?

Latch is not engaging when the cover is closed.

Looked at the top cover procedure and it seems like overkill for fixing the latch ...

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Here's how to replace it: PowerBook G4 Titanium DVI Latch Replacement

It's hard to tell what part of it is not working without seeing it. The latch pins may be bent, they may be stuck there may be debris in the latching mechanism, the top case may be slightly out of line. We could use a more descriptive appraisal of the problem.

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I had a really close look - the bottom mechanism was a bit tight, but OK. The top latch with the hook seems to have become unseated even though it pivots. I wedged the latch/hook to its engaged position with a small wooen shim. Seems to be holding well.




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