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The G4 Quicksilver came in 533MHz, 667MHz, 733MHz, 800MHz, 933MHz, And 1.0GHz speeds.

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Pressing power button does not turn on

Pressing the power button, Unit does not turn on. Button lights up for a split second, drive does not turnover. Disconnecting power cord and reconnecting does not help. Is the problem the power button or the drive?

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It's probably the power supply. Do you get any diagnostic lights on the logic board?

UPDATE 2/26/16

The diagnostic LEDs should lit up when you press the power on button if the power supply is good.

There is also a CUDA logic board reset button on the logic board. Press the CUDA button, ONCE! It is located to the rear of the battery housing. It looks like a small pencil eraser in a metal square..

Have you replaced the 3.6V/850mAh 1/2 "AA" Lithium PRAM battery?

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I will check. Will lights be present on the logic board with plug connected and the unit powered off though?


Did you ever fix it?


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