Обновленная версия iPhone 3G с более высокой скоростью обработки. Ремонт этого устройства схож с iPhone 3G, и требует простых отверток и инструментов для вскрытия. Модель A1303; 16 или 32 ГБ памяти; с Черной или Белой задней пластиковой крышкой.

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Dropped I phone 3GS in water!

Dropped I phone 3GS in water! Appears to work but no back light.

How can this be replaced?

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We see this question every day. You just don't know what's been damaged when these things get wet. I'd open it and make sure it's dry and not corroded to the point of diminishing returns on repair attempts.Here's my favorite answer: Best course of action to recover Canon Camcorder from a hot tub?

For a plethora of solutions on water damage just do a search for water in the search box.

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If you are mechanically and electrically inclined, you can open the phone and spray it with electronic cleaner. The cleaner will evaporate quickly and take moisture away. Be careful when you open up the phone as to not break kthe clips on the sides of the phone. Just be careful and take your time. You may also want to just put the phone into a plastic bag with a few cups of rice and leave it for several days. The rice will also absorb water. The 3rd way is to remove the cover and leave the phone in sunlight for a fer days. Do not use a hair dryer on the phone!!

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electronic cleaners have a high % of water (in some cases 99%). most people who repair things on ifixit tend to recommend the highest %alcohol to clean items. 90% isopropyl alcohol is the one I use. This question is quite old and we now have several guides for liquid spills..


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