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Black squares on LCD


I have a phone lcd is fine no cracks etc touch screen isn't responsive in areas and has black squares. Yes the lcd is connected properly. I am unsure if it's a static issue or not so undecided if I should just buy a new LCD or not or if cleaning the connectors ever works in these situations?

Has anybody ever had this issue and fixed it by not replacing the lcd?

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Wouldn't be a static issue. Now what you should do is take off the front display assembly and check if the flex plugs (where the metal piece is bent outwards). You will need to bend it very slightly inwards and try it again.

You need to hear that audible click sound when you put the flex cables in. That's when you know you've put it in properly.

If that still doesn't work then you'll need to put another LCD in.

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I've replaced hundreds of lcd's so know how to connect them, it's connected fine. I do OCA refurbs so don't usually buy them but I'm out of materials. Why couldn't it be a static issue? If the device was manufacturer without a sufficient amount of anti-static paste or is a bad refurb then this is what they usually look like


Actually you're right. In that case, the only way to get this problem solved is replacing the LCD.


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