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Coffee brewmaster released in 2013. The Keurig K40 is a k-cup compatible coffee maker.

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Why is water leaking from my device?

I plugged in and started using my Keurig this morning, but instead of making my cup of coffee, water leaked everywhere! I don't know what the problem is.

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The k-cup may not have been punctured correctly because of a clogged needle. The needle can become clogged because of the grounds in the K-cup. A clog would result in the water leaking out of the device instead of through the k-cup. Clean the needle, located at the top of the chamber, with a wet cotton swab and then brew again.

If you need some more help take a look at the troubleshooting guide.

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@rosiecheeksxoxo what needle? Where is it located? How do I get to it? Have you ever tried to clean a puncture needle with a "wet cotton swab"? It is hollow it is not? How would the cotton swab clean it?


The water is leaking jout of the bottom of the coffee maker


Maybe you have bad Solenoids rusted or your water pump remove bottom plate and cover to check, unplug machine be checking


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