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The Toyota Matrix (officially called the Toyota Corolla Matrix and not to be confused with the Hyundai Matrix) is a compact hatchback manufactured by Toyota and derived from the Toyota Corolla.

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How to replace a door check stop?

How do I replace a door check stop on my 2003 Pontiac Vibe?

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I am having the same problem with my 2010 Vibe. In the first place it is a factory defect that you have to remove the inside of the door in order to get the door stopper out. It should have been made so that a person would only have to remove the bolts and the stopper would slide out. This is utterly ridiculous that a person has to remove the inside of the door! I am in the process of cutting the hole bigger in the door and using different bolts and then installing the door stop from the outside. The dealers want $235 plus tax per door stop! This is totally an outlandish price!!! Toyota wants $158 for the door stop on a Matrix which should be identical parts! But I am not going to pay those kinds of outlandish prices!!! I am going to try to glue a piece of brass onto the little plastic piece that used to rub on the arm as brass will last a lot longer than the original plastic piece, especially on our gravel roads when dust and grit gets in there and acts like sandpaper. If that doesn't work I will make a spring loaded thing to rub on the arm. BUT I AM NOT GIVING THE DEALER A THOUSAND DOLLARS FOR FOUR LOUSY LITTLE DOOR STOPS!!!! (All four are worn out in 200,000 kms)

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