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Need help camera is saying Memory card error

I inserted a 32gb card but camera system is saying card error is 32gb too much for this camera

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According to Fuji, 32 GB SDHC card should work with this camera.


  • The card must be formatted in the camera before the camera can use it. For the correct formatting procedure, see p. 99 of the user manual. If you don't have the user manual get it here:
  • SDHC cards can be write-protected. They have a little tab on the left edge (looking at the label side with the label text right side up) - if the tab is in the LOCK position the card cannot be formatted and data cannot be written to the card. Use your fingernail to move the tab to the unlocked position.
  • Beware of counterfeit memory cards. Cheap chinese knock-offs are available that look just like the real thing but are of inferior quality and often do not meet their stated capacity or speed rating. In some devices such cards may not work at all.

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on the manual

page 118 there is a chart showing only 4gb and 8gb my guess is 8gb is all it can do.

This sounds like a old camera with a recommended class of 4 so chances are that 8 was the largest available at the time.

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The camera isn't exactly brand new but not that old (2012). I have a camera from 2006 that accepts 32GB cards.

The chart merely shows you what to expect in terms of number of pictures you can store on a typical capacity card.


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for card info.

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