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Known as the ''PS2'', it is a sixth-generation video game console first released by Sony in Japan in March 2000. The United States saw it later in 2000 with the SCPH-30000. Repair of this device requires only common tools, but can get tricky.

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Disc is not spinning with a new laser PlayStation 2

I have one old fat Playstation 2 to fix. It doesn´t read disc. I have tested dvd:s, normal Playstation 2 game disc, Playstation 2 blue disc etc.. With some of the games it did not work at all, just saying No data etc, but with one rally game (I think it was blue disc) it started to run it, but after couple of minutes (before the rally was begun, it was in language choosing place) it said something like error, I go back to retirement.

1. First I tried to clean laser with isopropanol (or that thing, how you write it right..) alcohol. Not working, alcohol is better to keep in my drinks.

2. I ordered a new laser from ebay. (Old one was 400C and this is the same type) After 3-4 weeks I finally got it here and tested it. Now the disc was not spinning anymore, it was trying to start spinning but not wanted to spin with the new laser on.

3. I took the old laser off, and old one back, and the disc started to spin, but not reading...

So what I should do next? Why did not the disc spin with the new laser on?

Somebody help me, please! Guys are waiting with the beers in hands when the can play again, if I can´t fix this those are going married or something so this is serious situation...

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aspi91, "this trying to start spinning but not wanted to spin with the new laser on." and "I took the old laser off, and old one back, and the disc started to spin, but not reading" this sounds like your new laser assembly is shortening out the drive. Since you still have the old laser which sounds like it has failed, you may have to replace the laser assembly once more. Of course it is also possible that your height adjustment is off and the new laser assembly is blocking the drive from spinning up. So check on that as well. Since you still have the old laser and the disk spins with that, measure the height on the assembly and adjust the new one accordingly. On the old laser assembly you could of course also try to adjust the pots for the laser output. This usually requires an oscilloscope but can also be achieved with a good multimeter. The attached picture shows where those pots are. Turn clockwise to increase power and counterclockwise to decrease power. Don't turn those blindly since that may kill your laser using to much power or just not getting them back to work. Normal values are 800mV peak to peak (650-1000 ohms) with DVD and 640mV (950-1200 ohms) peak to peak with CD media.

Block Image

For the pot adjustment with a multimeter in ohms check between these points.

Block Image

To ensure the height is properly adjusted use the values from the old laser unit. Measure the height at the marked point using a depth gauge (vernier calipers have those)

Block Image

you can adjust the height via the Torx screw bottom left in the image.

Block Image

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Don't forget to unsolder the solder point on the new laser.

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exactly! it's working after I removed the solder point


Nice to hear. PS2 is worth to repair. ;-)


So I screwed up my ps2 laser replacement. I messed up the height adjustment and Now nothing is spinning, even with the old laser back in. And (2) I don’t think my new laser has a solder point, I watched a guy do it in a video and mines got nothing like that, but is otherwise identical.


Wait… what solder point?


There is a literal blob of solder underneath the laser on the motherboard, near the flex cable connector. Remove the solder.


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