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The Microsoft Surface RT (model 1516) is the first tablet released by Microsoft. It runs Windows RT, which is designed specifically for tablet functionality. Repairs for this device require screwdrivers and prying tools.

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Time of a new battery

I have a Microsoft Surface, in trying to change the battery the Surface was reassembled with glue.

Could I open it to replace the battery and then reassemble it?

Thank you.

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There are instructions here.

Microsoft Surface Battery Pack Replacement

Good Luck!

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To reassemble it I must follow the instructions, but my question is :

Can I open it even if closed with glue?


I do not know mostly because many real techs would not have used glue to close up the unit with glue. Also if it was plastic you will have issues opening it up without ruining the case. Mainly the temperature at which the glue starts to loosen is generally the same temperature that plastic starts to melt. You might be able to use and exacto-knife to cut the glue but you will be sure to cut yourself if you are not careful. Or use protective clothing like leather clothes and gloves. You will get damage to the case no matter what you do, really sorry about that.


I can try to remove the glue with a cutter by removing the back cover.

Can I use a heat gun to remove the glue?


I am really not leaning to a heat gun mainly due to that fact that it can also melt the plastic but it is your call.


The Surface is closed with the glue, is it possible open it and then to reassemble ?

If I can open it and see that the hooks of the Surface are damaged as I can reassemble?


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